Industry suppliers of knitting, laminating, wadding and quilting

Industry suppliers of knitting, laminating, wadding and quilting.

Lamination line

The 2.6 metre wide line is capable of finishing widths of 2.4 metres-plus and is the widest in the southern hemisphere. It incorporates a chemical coating system and oven with the ability to double laminate in one pass. Products: The lamination line can manufacture a wide array of end-products including products for the textile industry, building construction, road construction, insulation, dam linings and bedding.


Wadding Line

Our wool-polyester wadding line produces 100% polyester and poly-wool blend wadding products for bed and furniture manufacture, quilting and patchwork. The line can produce wadding for wholesale and retail and currently produces an extensive range of different blends to suit customer requirements. The line also produces MiniJumbuk’s Nu-Wool 60% wool/40% polyester craft wadding.


Sliver Knit

Our sliver knit line is used primarily to manufacture products for the bedding industry but services many other industries as well. The knit has been used in the construction of saddle blankets, jacket linings, car seat covers, footwear, swag linings and sleeping bags along with many other items. The medical industry uses the product to help reduce people's bed sores.


MiniJumbuk's Nu-Wool Wadding

A quality filling makes a quality product. MiniJumbuk's Nu-Wool Wadding is soft and thick with an even texture, making it a great pleasure to work with. The product offers a unique blend of 60% wool/ 40% polyester man-made fibre. The wadding is specially treated with a Hi-Loft process that increases loft and resilience, improves washability and reduces the possibility of loose fibres.



Quality Always has a state-of-the-art continuous quilting MECA machine that is capable of producing rolls of high quality quilted products.

The unique technology allows high-speed continuous quilting from roll to roll.

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